Tree Removal Permits

Report Unpermitted Tree Activity

To find out if a permit has been issued for tree removal or if you suspect unpermitted destruction of a tree, call the Arborist Division at 404.865.8487.

When Do I Need a Permit?

Public Property
You need a permit to remove, destroy, or injure any tree on city-owned property, regardless of size.

Private Property
You need a permit to remove, destroy, or injure any tree of 6 inches or greater diameter-at-breast-height (dbh) on private property. There are no exceptions, either by species or present condition.

Dead and Dying Trees
You need a permit to remove dead and dying trees from private property.
These permits can be obtained free of charge by contacting the Arborist Division.

Contact Information for Permit Requests

Public Property
For concerns about trees on public property, including the right-of-way, contact the Forestry Division of the Office of Parks at 404.546.6813.

Private Property
Call the Arborist Division at 404.865.8487 or 404.330.6874 for an inspection.
You may also apply online by registering for an account here.

Imminent Hazard?

If you need a permit to remove a tree that presents an imminent hazard (such as storm damage or heaving roots), call David Zaparanick, Interim Arboricultural Manager, at 404.330.6328 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it... If the emergency occurs during non-working hours, you may remove the hazardous tree but you must leave a message conveying the circumstances, take two photographs to document the condition of the tree, and follow up to obtain a permit within five working days of the removal. If the information submitted does not demonstrate the tree presented an imminent hazard, the city arborist may assess recompense and a fine under the provisions of the tree ordinance.

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