Tree Conservation
Commission Members

The Tree Commission has 15 positions, eight of which are appointed by the Mayor and seven that are appointed by the City Council. The Tree Ordinance requires that each member have specialized knowledge of trees, the tree ordinance, or the impact of construction activities on trees. The membership must also include the following representatives in the following positions (appointing authority noted in italics):

1. Registered Landscape Architect (Mayor)


2. Botanist, forester, horticulturalist, or nursery worker (Mayor)

Julia Skinner

3. Registered Architect (Mayor)

Elizabeth Ward

4. Member of Environmental Organization (Mayor)

Dina Franch

5. Real Estate Professional(Mayor)

Marvin Lampkin

6. Private Certified Arborist (Mayor)


7. Lay Citizen (2)(Mayor)

Chet Tisdale

8. Lay Citizen (2) (Mayor)

Lawrence Richardson

9. Residential Builder (Council)

Nabil Hammam

10. Commercial or Industrial Builder (Council)

Marvin Greer

11. Commercial or Industrial Builder (Council)


12. Paired Cncl Dstrs 1-4 & Post 1 At-Large (Smith, Farokhi, Young, Winslow, Bond)

Sarah Boles

13. Paired Cncl Dstrs 5-8 & Post 2 At-Large(Archibong, Ide, Shook, Matzigkeit, Westmoreland)

Susanne Blam

14. Paired Cncl Dstrs 9-12 & Post 3 At-Large(Hillis, Boone,Overstreet, Sheperd, Dickens)

Bruce Morton

15. Urban Planner or Environmental Resource Planner (Council President.)

Katherine Moore