Tree Conservation Commission


When are TCC Business Meetings? The TCC holds monthly business meetings on the Tuesday immediately preceding the third Wednesday of each month. (Note exceptions on schedule below).

Where are TCC Business Meetings? Atlanta City Hall 55 Trinity Avenue, S.W. Arborist Division Suite 3800, Conference Room Atlanta, GA 30309-0309 Telephone: 404.817.6788. (Note exceptions on schedule below).

When are TCC Appeal Hearings? The TCC holds monthly appeal hearings at 6:30pm on the third Wednesday of each month, and sometimes on the fourth Wednesday if necessary. (Note exceptions on schedule below)

Where are TCC Appeal Hearings?Atlanta City Hall, 55 Trinity Avenue, S.W. Committee Room Two, Atlanta, GA 30309-0309.

If you plan to attend a Business Meeting,please call Kathryn Evans at 404.234.9603 to verify time and date since resecheduling may occur in the event of unavoidable scheduling conflicts.

For more information, contact Kathryn Evans, Administrative Analyst, Sr. Phone: 404.330.6235; Fax: 404.658.6977; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hearing and Business Meeting Schedule 2019:


Wednesday, January 16, TCC Business Meeting, 5pm
Wednesday, January 16, Tree Appeal Hearing, 6:30pm
Wednesday, January 23, Tree Appeal Hearing, 6:30pm


TCC Business Meeting (date TBD)
Wednesday, February 21, Tree Appeal Hearing, 6:30pm (and February 27, if required)


Wednesday, March 20, TCC Business Meeting, 5pm
Wednesday, March 20 Tree Appeal Hearing, 6:30pm (and March 27, if required)


Wednesday, April 17, TCC Business Meeting, 5pm
Wednesday, April 17, Tree Appeal Hearing, 6:30pm (and April 24, if required)


Wednesday, May 15, TCC Business Meeting, 5pm
Wednesday, May 15, Tree Appeal Hearing, 6:30pm (and May 22, if required)


Wednesday, June 19, TCC Business Meeting, 5pm
Wednesday, June 19, Tree Appeal Hearing, 6:30pm (and June 26, if required)


Wednesday, July 17, Business Meeting, 5pm
Wednesday, July 17, Tree Appeal Hearing, 6:30pm (and July 24, if required)


Wednesday, August 21, Business Meeting, 5pm
Wednesday, August 21, Tree Appeal Hearing 6:30pm (and August 28, if required)


Wednesday, September 18, Business Meeting, 5pm
Wednesday, September 18, Tree Appeal Hearing, 6:30pm (and September 25, if required)


Wednesday, October 16, Business Meeting, 5pm
Wednesday, October 16, 6:30pm, Hearing (and October 23, if required)


Wednesday, November 14, Business Meeting, 5pm (early date to avoid conflict with holiday)
Wednesday, November 14, 6:30pm, Hearing (no additional hearing because of holiday)


Wednesday, December 11, 5pm, Business Meeting (early date to avoid conflict with holiday)
Wednesday, *December 11, 6:30pm, Hearing (no additional hearing because of holiday)

NOTE: Business Meetings are in the Arborist Division Conference Room in Suite 3800; Hearings are in Committee Room One, second floor.
Business meetings and hearings are typically held on the third Wednesday of the month; meetings may be scheduled on the fourth Wednesday when required.
Please call 404-330-6235 to confirm meeting/hearing dates before attending because dates are subject to change.